smd is a tool to search and download manga from web sites, with support for several sites and manga translated to several languages.

This are some of the features of smd:

  • You can download and keep updated your favorite mangas for offline reading in your favorite manga reader application, without all that ads that are common in manga web sites.
  • smd only download the necessary files, so it saves bandwidth and it is faster than reading manga online.
  • smd never forgets a download, so you can cancel your download at any time and the next time you run the program, you can continue the canceled download from the same point it was.
  • Also downloaded ongoing mangas can be updated to get the new released chapters.
  • Besides having mangas in multiple languages, smd itself has a multilingual interface.
  • It is configurable.
  • smd is free software, and it always will be. For more information see License.

To get started with smd read the Tutorial.